Metaloid:Origin Story

An Alien group known as ‘Lucian Corporation’ traveled to planet called ‘Utopa’ the world of a biomechanical race known as ‘Metaloid’

Lucian made an agreement with Metaloid’s Emperor (Oberon) offering their technology in exchange with the rights to mining resources on Utopa

In a few years, Metaloid civilization seemingly moved toward golden age of technology and innovation like never before

But one fateful day rumors surfaced about an armed robot group roaming around many areas out from the Lucian territorial control

The rumors have reached the ear of a warrior clan leader,Nicolas, mading him suspicious about Lucian’s motivation and believing he might secretly plotting for something evil.

Oberon approved Nicolas request to send his best soldiers, The ‘Predator’ ,an elite warriors group holding the shards of power ‘Origin Shard’ to keep an eye on Lucian activities